GPLLM Next Steps

 Although the steps below are set out in such a way as to imply they are to be undertaken consecutively, several of them can be done simultaneously, and we encourage you to do so.  Please read all of these steps before moving ahead.


  1. Accept your Offer of Admission via Email & Pay the Tuition Deposit
  2. Ensure you have submitted all official transcripts to the GPLLM program in hard copy, if you have not done so already
  3. Acquire a Study Permit & Other Required Immigration Documents, if applicable
  4. Housing Options, if applicable
  5. Enable your JOINid & Log in to ACORN
  6. Get your TCard, Activate your UTORid & Obtain your UTmail+
  7. Provide Your Bio, Complete a Survey and Select Your Courses  
  8. Register in the GPLLM Program
  9. Review International Student Fee Exemptions
  10. Understand your Health Insurance Coverage
  11. Review the Essential Guide for Graduate Students

NOTE - Please keep checking the GPLLM New Admits main page for updates: GPLLM New Admits

1. Accept your Offer of Admission via Email & Pay the Tuition Deposit

Accept your Offer of Admission via Email


Provide the GPLLM Program with a signed copy of all admissions documentation.


If you have not already done so, you must submit your signed letter of offer and Confirmation/Deposit form to the GPLLM Program by email and regular mail, in accordance with the date set out in your Faculty of Law offer letter.

Pay the Tuition Deposit


In order to secure your place in the program to which you were accepted, you must pay a non-refundable tuition deposit of $500 CAD by the deadline provided in your offer letter.  The tuition deposit will be applied to your Fall tuition installment, and is non-refundable in the event that you choose not to commence the program.  A Confirmation/Deposit form is enclosed with your admission package.


The non-refundable tuition deposit of $500 CAD (or the equivalent amount in USD funds) must be mailed to the address below, in the form of a certified cheque or money order only*, payable to the “University of Toronto”.  Payments may also be made in person at this address.

Student Accounts
University of Toronto
215 Huron St, 3rd floor
Toronto ON   M5S  1A2

Please ensure that you retain a copy of the signed Confirmation/Deposit form and a receipt for (or a copy of) the certified cheque or money order.

Please also send a copy of the receipt and the signed Confirmation/Deposit form to the GPLLM program, preferably by email to

To verify that Student Accounts has received and processed your deposit, you will need to enable your JOINid and log in to ACORN , in accordance with step 4.  

*If you are unable to provide a certified cheque or money order, you can make the tuition deposit payment as a wire transfer through Western Union (steps under “WU Global Pay for Students”). If you do a Western Union transfer you will need to email your signed Confirmation Form to Student Accounts, who will record on your U of T account when the deposit has been received.

2. Ensure you have submitted all official transcripts in hard copy


All students must submit hard copies of all post secondary official transcripts to the GPLLM program for their academic record.  Transcripts must be sent to the GPLLM directly from each academic institution the student has attended in a sealed envelope, the seal of which must be stamped or signed by the Registrar's Office.

E-mailed official transcripts are also acceptable, provided they are e-mailed directly from the Registrar's Office of the academic institution.  

Transcripts submitted by students either electronically or in hard copy which have been opened are not considered official transcripts and cannot be accepted.

WHENAll official transcripts must be submitted no later than September 16th, 2019.  

Official transcripts should be mailed to the attention of:

Ann Vuletin
GPLLM Program
78 Queen's Park
Jackman Law Building
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2C5

Official transcripts can be e-mailed directly from the Registrar's Office of the academic institution only to:

3. Acquire a Study Permit & Other Required Immigration Documents



A study permit is an immigration document that allows you to live in Canada temporarily while you complete your program of study.  If you are neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent resident and you want to study in Canada in a program that is six months or more in length, you must obtain a valid study permit.  


The study permit application process can be time consuming.  International students are strongly encouraged to submit their application as soon as possible to ensure that they are able to be in Canada by the last week of August.  Under no circumstances should you commence your relocation until you have received your study permit approval letter and, if necessary, a Temporary Resident Visa (Entry Visa).


Please review the U of T’s Centre for International Experience and the Government of Canada websites below for valuable information on immigrating to Canada:


Study Permits

Pre-Arrival Guide

 You may also contact the U of T’s Centre for International Experience at: 416-978-2564

4. Housing Options


Start actively searching as soon as possible!  The rental market in Toronto is quite competitive (particularly close to campus) and selection will become more limited closer to September. 


There are a myriad of resources and services upon which you can rely in order to find a place to live.  Some of these resources are provided by the University and others are independent.  

U of T Housing maintains listings for on-campus residencesoff-campus, temporary and summer housing options.


Residence housing:

If you are new to U of T:  In order to apply for university residence housing, you must first enable your JOINid (see “Enable your JOINid” below).

Returning U of T students:  Use your UTORid to apply for residence housing.

Graduate House is the only residence at U of T reserved exclusively for masters- and doctoral-level students.  In order to apply, you must submit the required online application with a $100 deposit.  Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Additional information about Graduate House can be found here.

Students with families who are seeking family-friendly housing should consider the U of T Student Family Housing high rise units, located a 15 minute walk east of the law school. There are a limited number of units and the University is not able to guarantee a place in the buildings.  Please apply early (with the intention to move in as close to early July as possible). Additional information about Graduate House can be found here.

Off-campus housing:

Off-campus housing listings are maintained by U of T Housing, but can also be found through a number of online services including PadMapper.

5. Enable your JOINid & Log in to ACORN

Enable your JOINid



Your JOINid is your user ID as a U of T applicant and will allow you to, among other things, apply for on-campus housing and use the U of T housing database for off-campus housing.  Enabling your JOINid will allow you to access these services until you are able to obtain your TCard and UTORid.


If you are new to U of T:  You would have received an e-mail with your JOINid upon creating your application profile with the subject line "Important:  your UofT JOINid". Go to the JOINid website and click on “Enable Your JOINid”.  You will need to enter your student number, which is listed on your School of Graduate Studies offer letter.  Follow the instructions provided in order to set up your JOINid password. 

If you have misplaced the e-mail sent to you by the School of Graduate Studies in which you were provided with your JOINid, or experience difficulty enabling your JOINid, please email with “JOINid” in the subject line.

Returning U of T students:  If you already have a UTORid, you may continue to use it.

Log in to ACORN




ACORN is the student portal in which you can update your personal contact information, view your grades, monitor your fees, use the Financial Planning Calculator, access the Career Learning Network and On-Campus Housing, order transcripts and more.

Please note you will not be able to add or drop courses directly through ACORN – course selection is managed by the GPLLM office.

New students must first enable their JOINid first before trying to login to ACORN.


Log in to ACORN.  Read the “How To” ACORN guide.

Within ACORN, you can:

Verify that your tuition deposit has been received by Student Accounts:

From the Finances menu, select Financial Account, then Payment History.

Verify or update your personal contact information:

From the Profile & Settings menu, select the relevant options.

Tip:  Be sure to keep your email and mailing addresses (both “permanent” and “mailing”) up-to-date throughout the duration of your program.  Correspondence from the University will only be sent to the contact information on your ACORN account.

Add one or more Emergency Contacts to your personal information:

From the Profile & Settings menu, select Emergency Contact.

6. Get your TCard, Activate your UTORid & Obtain your UTmail+

Get your TCard


Your TCard is your official U of T identification (student card) and is required in order to access athletic & student services, sit exams and obtain transit & retail discounts. All new students and those who have not been a student at the University of Toronto in the last two years must get a TCard.


You can get your TCard now, otherwise you must acquire it before the first day of classes.


Visit the TCard office in-person on any U of T campus. Please ensure that you bring the following documents with you when you visit the T-Card Office:

  • Offer of Admission letter which states your student number
  • Valid Government-issued photo identification
  • Valid proof of immigration status in Canada (e.g. citizen, permanent resident, study permit visa)

For further information on the required documents, your proof of identification and TCard locations, please visit

Note:  your photo will be taken when you get your T-Card.

Activate your UTORid & Obtain your UTmail+


Your UTORid and password give you access to a number of U of T’s online services, such
as email, the campus wireless network and more.  In order to access these services, you must obtain your TCard and then activate your UTORid. 

UTmail+ is the University of Toronto's email service.  All correspondence from the University will be sent to students’ UTmail+ email addresses alone, and thus your UTmail+ account must be activated before the first day of classes.


Activate immediately after getting your TCard.



When you get your TCard, you will be given your UTORid.  Your UTORid is on the bottom left of your TCard, above the barcode.  TCard staff will also provide you with instructions on how to activate your UTORid account, after which you can go online to activate your UTORid.

Returning Students:  If you have an active UTORid, you may continue to use it. 
If not, you must get a new TCard (see “Get your TCard” above).


New students’ UTmail+ accounts are created during the UTORid activation process.  You will receive a new email address typically in the form of

Once activated, you may log in to your account by going to the following website:

Let us know when both are active
Once you have obtained your TCard and activated your UTORid and UTmail+ accounts, please let us know you have done so by sending an email from your UTMail+ account to

7. Provide Your Bio, Complete a Survey and Select Your Courses 


The GPLLM program office will email you an Action Items document, where you will find a series of “actions” that we require you to complete by early August.

There are three tasks which we require you to complete via this document: 

1. Biographical Sketch 

2. Incoming Student Survey

3. Course Selection 

Please note that the GPLLM program office will review and approve your course selection and then enroll you in your chosen courses via ACORN. There is no need for you to enroll in courses via ROSI as it is done through the GPLLM office. 

8. Register in the GPLLM Program


All students must register in the program by paying the first installment of their tuition by August 23rd, 2019.

Note that the fee schedule and deadlines will be published in July. Please keep checking the Student Accounts website for updates. 

Please note that fees invoices are not mailed to students. Instead, they will be generated by the Student Account office and must be downloaded by students from the University’s student account system (SWS/ACORN). In order to log-in as a first time user, you will need to use your student ID number (from your School of Graduate Studies offer letter). Once you have accessed your fees invoice, please pay your first tuition installment at your bank or financial institution. 

Please note that you will not be considered “registered” in the program until such time as you have paid the first installment of fees.  Late registration fees will apply.

Please pay the outstanding balance (50% of total tuition) by November 30, 2019 or service charges (interest) will begin to accrue.  Any outstanding tuition balance will continue to be subject to a monthly service charges.

For more information about how to pay your fees please see:

9. Review International Student Fee Exemptions



Certain categories of international students may apply to have their international-rate tuition exempted and instead pay domestic-rate tuition.  Detailed descriptions of fee exemptions are available on Student Accounts’ International Fee Exemptions website. 

Please note that eligible international students who receive this exemption will still have to pay the mandatory UHIP fee (see “Health Insurance” below).

10. Understand your Health Insurance Coverage

Domestic students


Students who are permanent residents of Ontario will have provincial health insurance coverage through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Students from other provinces are usually covered under their own provincial plans. However, be aware that regulations vary from province to province. If you're an out-of-province student, be sure you're aware of the coverage you will have while in Ontario. 

Visit U of T’s Health & Wellness Centre’s website for further information.

International students


The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is a mandatory health plan that provides international students with basic health care coverage while studying in Ontario. International students are automatically enrolled in UHIP and the cost is included on their ACORN invoices.  Please note that you must show your UHIP card and present a claim form every time you use health care services.  Register online, print your UHIP card, and always have it with you.  UHIP coverage may also be extended to provide coverage for your eligible dependent family member(s).

Visit the Centre for International Experience’s website for further information. 

U of T Graduate Students’ Union (UTGSU) Health and Dental Plan


Domestic students are automatically enrolled and may choose to opt out of this plan or include their dependents. Opt-out/opt-in occurs beginning of the term you are first registered in.  Contact the U of T Graduate Students’ Union for further information.

11. Essential Guide for Graduate Students 


We encourage you to review the Essential Guide for Grad Students (EGGS), which is produced by The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and the Office of Student Life annually.  The Guide contains information about registration, SGS awards, University-wide resources and much more.