1. Register in your graduate program
  2. Tuition Fee Deferral (Register Without Payment)

  3. Late Registration

1. Register in your graduate program


All students must register in their program by paying their Fall tuition and incidental fees and clearing their admissions conditions (by mailing the final, official versions of their transcripts to the GPLLM Office). 

Please note that official English Language Proficiency (ELP) test results submitted directly to the University of Toronto (Enrolment Services) from the testing facility are also a required admission condition for students who had to submit ELP scores with their admission application.  More information about accepted ELP tests and how to submit official scores can be found on the School of Graduate Studies website.

Tuition fees for the 2023-24 academic year can be found on our GPLLM Fees webpage. 



It is imperative that registration be completed by the September 15, 2023 deadline. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your enrollment in courses. 



Tuition and incidental fees for the entire academic year are posted on students’ ACORN invoices in early July. Please note that fees invoices are not mailed to students. 

The first installment of tuition and incidental fees is due by September 1, 2023 (recommended tuition fee payment deadline for students starting their program in the Fall session to ensure payment is received by the registration deadline of September 16).The exact amount will be listed on your ACORN invoice and will be titled “Minimum Payment to Register”. The second and final installment of tuition and incidental fees is due November 30, 2023

Balances that are not fully paid by the September 16 deadline are subject to monthly service charges of 1.5% compounded (19.56% per annum). Further information on service charges can be found on the Student Accounts’ website.

Further information on registration can be found on the School of Graduate Studies’ website.


Log in to ACORN.

Click on “View Invoice” to see the exact amount of your minimum payment to register.

Your U of T account number is displayed on the top right-hand corner of your ACORN invoice.  

Making A Fee Payment Inside Canada

Payment must be made through a Canadian financial institution (e.g. your bank, credit union, etc.) in-person at the bank, online or via telephone banking or by credit card (with a service fee). You can review detailed instructions on U of T’s Student Accounts’ website

Making A Fee Payment From Outside of Canada

International students may pay their tuition through Western Union GlobalPay for Students, or by bank draft or money order in Canadian funds. You can review detailed instructions on permissible forms of payments on U of T’s Student Accounts’ website

Students are responsible for allowing sufficient time for payments to reach the University and to be recorded in the student’s ACORN account by the payment due date. Please ensure that you allow for several days for the payment to be processed.

2. Tuition Fee Deferral (Register Without Payment)



You are eligible for a tuition fee deferral (register without payment) if all of the conditions apply:

  • you have paid for prior session fees,
  • you have a confirmed funding of an amount that exceeds the minimum required payment for the current session (Fall term tuition fee total for Fall-Winter session or 50% of Summer tuition fee total for Summer session),
  • you apply for a tuition fee deferral prior to your division’s defer or pay to register deadline.


There are online and manual deferral options depending on the type of funding.

Please go to the Student Accounts website to select your tuition deferral type to view information about obtaining a tuition deferral and the Fall-Winter session payment and service charge billing deadlines.

3. Late Registration



If you do not register by the registration deadline (September 15, 2023), your enrollment in courses will be cancelled and you will be required to pay a late registration fee of $44.00 to the School of Graduate Studies. Please complete the online late registration form and online payment here. Once completed, SGS will change your ACORN status to “INVITed,” which will allow you to register.