Canadian Law in a Global Context (2018-19)


The GPLLM in Canadian Law in a Global Context is intended to provide a multi-disciplinary perspective on the impact of globalization on the law and sophisticated legal institutions to: (1) foreign trained lawyers and judges, including lawyers who have obtained their legal degrees abroad, foreign trained Canadians, and professionals trained in the civil law system who want to become accredited to practice law in Ontario; and (2) professionals who do not wish to become licensed to practice law, but who want to obtain a professional graduate level legal education in the Canadian Common Law tradition.

Program Length and Structure

The GPLLM is a full-time executive program that is one-year in length and offered in the evenings and on weekends in order to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals. The program consists of three terms (September to December, January to April, and May to August), each of which starts with a short residential module at the law school. The schedule offers a deliberate balance between rigorous academic engagement, and respect for your personal and professional commitments. The 2018-19 GPLLM schedule is available here


The GPLLM curriculum is carefully curated in order to provide you with exposure to the legal issues and problems that are most timely and relevant.  Students will have the opportunity to work on real-world driven problems, in teams as well as individually.  The skills and knowledge you acquire in the program will immediately inform how you approach the problems and challenges you face with an entirely new – and transformative – skill set.

The program consists of ten courses.  Students must complete five core courses as well as five electives, several of which may be chosen from a concentration other than that in which you are registered.  On top of this, the program provides numerous opportunities for participants to engage with faculty, guest speakers and industry experts.


Canadian Law in a Global Context
Required Credit/Non-credit
Introductory Session
Core Courses [ 5 required]Electives [5 required]
Students may complete two electives from a concentration other than that in which they are enrolled. 
Legal MethodsFoundations of Canadian LawProperty Law
Professional ResponsibilityTort Law
Canadian Administrative LawContract Law
Canadian Constitutional LawBusiness Organizations
Canadian Criminal LawApplied Legal Research and Writing *

* Open only to students in this concentration