Student Showcase: Shui Luo

Shui Luo

Shui Luo earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in law in China. Currently a partner with a boutique law firm in Beijing, he has more than a decade of experience as an international business lawyer. Shui moved his family to Canada in search of cleaner air and a better educational experience for his two young daughters. “The education is China puts too much pressure on children,” he says. “They don’t have enough time to play and relax. I didn’t think it was good for my kids.”

The Luos are now permanent residents and intend to stay put. Shui is pursuing his legal accreditation here. “I chose the GPLLM because it fulfills some requirements for my certification,” he says. But it’s well exceeded that very basic expectation. “I think the program is designed quite intelligently. Within a short period of time we’re acquiring a lot of core knowledge.”

Thanks to teaching from a combination of outside professionals and faculty professors, Shui says he’s acquiring practical skills along with analytical perspective. Both will prepare him for the exams ahead, and for his second career as a lawyer in Canada. “It’s going really well. I’m very grateful for this opportunity.”