Student Showcase: Ikram Al Mouaswas

Ikram Al MouaswasIkram Al Mouaswas is an audit and advisory partner at Deloitte, specializing in the mining industry. She’s a Talent leader, mentors junior staff, and leads the planning of team activities. Outside of the workplace, she is also a runner, and recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. “I enjoy challenges,” she says with a laugh. “I also love learning. I’m obsessed with it.”

So despite her very full and demanding professional schedule, Ikram was looking for a new challenge when she learned about the GPLLM at U of T. “It just worked out perfectly for me,” she says. In the Business Law stream, Ikram’s core classes focus on securities law and contract law. She believes it'll enhance her work with executives and audit committees. “It will also help me understand the business from a new perspective,” she says. “When I do a securities filing I currently assist them as their auditor. Knowing a bit more about securities law will be very valuable to what I can bring to the table.”

So far, Ikram says the program has exceeded her expectations. “The professors are individuals with absolutely impressive backgrounds. My peers are impressive and inspirational. In a business of professional services, like mine, it’s great to expand your network and your circle of knowledge.”