Student Showcase: Eric Brock

Erik Brock

During more than fifteen years in the financial services industry, Eric Brock combined an undergraduate liberal arts degree with an MBA to take on progressively senior roles at some of Canada’s biggest banks. His latest move put him in the office of the COO of a large American Bank’s Canadian office, just as he was beginning classes in the GPLLM program at U of T.  “I’ve always been a great believer in balancing academics and experience,” Brock says. “I don’t want to be a practicing lawyer but having this knowledge is extremely valuable in being able to bring a legal understanding to some of the business decisions we’re making in Canada and across the border.”

 Just a few months in, he says he’s already put some of his newly learned skills into practice in the workplace, specifically when dealing with the numerous contracts he handles every day. “I have a much deeper understanding of the discussion that’s going on and the negotiations back and forth.”

With thought-provoking classes, diverse and intelligent classmates and top-notch professors, Brock is a believer. “U of T has really nailed being able to strike the balance between application and theory” he says. “I would say this is one of the most challenging but also practical and fun experiences in my professional development.”