Academic Policies


Students who are unable to submit their written work by the deadline date must request an extension in advance by submitting a written request to the GPLLM Program Coordinator at Requests will be decided by the GPLLM Academic Committee.  Requests for modest extensions of time are normally granted without penalty in cases of serious illness or compelling personal circumstances. Written documentation (e.g. a doctor's note) may be required.

Late Penalties

If a student has not obtained an extension prior to the deadline and hands in an assignment late, grade penalties will normally apply as follows: 

  1. For late papers and other written assignments, a deduction of one grade level every four days, beginning immediately after the deadline(e.g. a paper handed in one, two, three or four days late will be deducted by one grade level and so on);

  2. For late take-home exams, a deduction of one grade level every two days, beginning immediately after the deadline (e.g. a take-home exam handed in one or two days late will be deducted by one grade level and so on).

For purposes of clarification, a one grade level deduction means a deduction from an A+ to an A, an A to an A-, an A- to a B+, a B+ to a B, and a B to a B-.

Plagiarism and Footnoting

Please read Plagiarism and the Ethical Use of Borrowed Material and 

University of Toronto Governing Council Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters.


Attendance in class is a requirement of the GPLLM program, and an important aspect of the pedagogical experience. Among other things, our courses and syllabi are currently designed for the kind of rich intellectual exchange that is predicated on ‘in person” participation. While we hope to offer distance learning in the future (in formats designed for that medium), we are not in a position to do so at this point. Students are expected to attend in person to maximize the academic benefit from (and indeed, their contribution to) the discussion and dialogue.

Weather Cancellations

The Faculty of Law is required to continue with scheduled classes unless the St. George Campus is closed, a decision which is made by the Provost’s office.  When the weather is bad, students should check the central University of Toronto website before coming to class to see if the St. George Campus has been closed. We will also do our best to notify students in this regard, but the primary and most up-to-date source of information is the central University of Toronto website.    

Other Policies

Other policies are available in the Academic Handbook and on the School of Graduate Studies website.