The Global Professional Master of Laws (GPLLM) is a 12-month executive-style master of laws offered during evenings and weekends and taught by a winning combination of distinguished law and business faculty and leading legal experts. The GPLLM combines the best of U of T's reputation for academic prestige with the pragmatic real-world expertise that is the standard in today's competitive business environment.

Focused on Canadian law from a global perspective, the Global Professional Master of Laws (GPLLM) challenges lawyers, business leaders, and policymakers to think differently. 

The GPLLM provides an intensive experience like no other currently available in Canada. Students examine the impact of globalization on laws, legal institutions and markets from a broad multi-disciplinary and comparative legal perspective. Through the program, they gain an overall understanding of the constructs of Canadian laws that are affected by globalization by exploring comparative examples, case studies and real business deals.

Equipped with a GPLLM, graduates add immediate value to their clients, businesses, organizations and agencies. They are better prepared to ask the right questions when leading cross-border and domestic transactions. In collaboration with local and foreign counsel, auditors, and other parties, they are able to effectively identify the issues and challenges arising from the globalized business environment.